The Guide to the Modern Car-Shopper

December 4, 2012

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Introducing Cobalt’s all-new eBook “The Guide to the Modern Car-Shopper: Connecting the Dots from Their Screens to Your Lots.” This insight-packed eBook was inspired by the industry’s darkest secret: dealers don’t buy cars.

That’s where Cobalt comes in. This new eBook, based on exhaustive research by over 80 data scientists, reveals insights like the ones below.

Get Real Car-Shopper Insights like:

  • The average number of dealerships car-shoppers visit
  • What percent of car-shoppers visit OEM websites
  • The average length of today’s car-shopping journey
  • And yes, what made them decide to buy

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Get Real Car-Shopper Insight from the Industry’s Largest In-Market Automotive Data Warehouse

Dealers know cars, but Cobalt knows car-buyers. In fact, there isn’t a company on the planet that has as much car-shopping data as we do.

Get to Know the Modern Car-Shopper

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