16th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition

May 6, 2014

Location: Harrah's Resort, Atlantic City, NJ

May 2014 6 Tuesday

The Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition is the premier educational conference and exposition dedicated to Internet and technology solutions for automotive professionals.


Don’t Sabotage Your Inventory - Learn What Really Matters to Shoppers

Featured Session

What You Can Do Today to Influence Shoppers’ Inventory Experience & Get More Leads

We studied real in-market shoppers as they browsed inventory online looking for their next new set of wheels. We poked, prodded, pestered and probed prospects— all in the name of discovering what drives shopper engagement with dealer inventory. What we found will surprise you! Participants of this session will learn major findings of our study – what is important to shoppers, how they connect with your inventory and which metrics you must be watching to measure success. Join us to learn what you can do today to influence your customer’s inventory shopping experience and drive inventory engagement.



Rob Campbell has a talent for helping dealers implement business practices that achieve high results. Rob is an idea man, but his real strength is the ability to bring those ideas to life. Rob currently works with dealers to assess and improve their sales and service processes.

Outrank Your Competition: Learn the Secret to How Car Shoppers Search in Google.

Featured Session

Google giveth and Google taketh away.

By now you’ve learned that Google’s secured search ‘(not provided)’ update has left many dealers in the dark. Finding the right keywords to target for your SEO strategy is harder than ever. So we studied how car shoppers searched on Google and thousands of dealership websites to give our dealers an edge. We’ll showcase the major findings from our analysis, including which keywords have the highest potential to increase organic traffic to your website and drive sales. We’ll also show you how to use Google Webmaster Tools to discover the golden nuggets that will help increase your rankings, impressions, and traffic. Finally, you’ll learn how to utilize these findings to design impactful content strategies for both your website and social channels. Join us for this fun and interactive session!


Vipin Singh, Sr. Product Manager-SEO

Vipin Singh is a Senior SEO Product Manager at Cobalt. He has 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Search technologies working with startups and for leading global brands such as Microsoft, Gartner, and Advance Auto Parts. He brings an entrepreneurial excitement and innovative thought process to every project because of his experience founding a successful startup.

See all of the new digital solutions and add Rob or Vipin’s session to your agenda at the 16th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition.

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