Automotive SEO Tips to Increase Your Internal Page Rankings

So you have a highly-performing internal page on your dealer website with optimized keywords and images that POP. But if only it had more traffic. Increasing the automotive SEO rankings on your internal pages can be a challenge. Cobalt SEO Specialist, Doug Antkowiak, gives you a few tips to help make your internal pages pop on the SERPs. Your Dealer Digital Marketing Minute begins now.

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So you have a highly-performing internal page on your website with optimized Keywords. Images that POP. Attention grabbing calls to action. You’re certain this page will drive up conversions, but only if it had better rankings. Well, I have a few tips to help increase those rankings with automotive SEO, in less than a minute. Your Dealer Digital Marketing Minute… begins now.

Increasing the rankings on your internal pages can be a challenge, but here are a few things you should consider to boost rankings:

Focus on increasing Click Through Rate.

Your car dealer website appearance in search strongly influences clicks to your website. Your title tag and meta description should both describe your page and contain strong calls to action. Experiment with new calls to actions and remember that people tend to click on simple titles that include trusted brand names.

Go the extra step with rich snippets in your search results like author pictures, star reviews, vehicle prices. All of these elements are added signals of trust that will drive more traffic.

Also, try point more external Links at the URL.

It’s hard to build links with promotional or commercial content. There’s a reason why your inventory pages have few links. With that said, you will have more success by creating non-promotional or educational content. Stuff like “Midwest winter care tips for trucks” or announcing a scholarship to local high school students. People are more likely to respond to you when you’re not directly profiting from the interaction.

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