reducing bot traffic
August 20, 2014

The Impact of Bots on Your Dealership’s Digital Advertising

By Dana Fornasar- Senior Product Marketing Manager

There’s been some buzz recently regarding the percentage of ad traffic that is artificially generated by bots. (I promise this isn’t a sci-fi article, it’s real stuff.) In case I’ve confused you already, a “bot” (short for robot) is a software application that is built to run automated, simple-to-execute and often repetitive tasks over the Internet. One of the most …

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dealership contact information
August 19, 2014

Yelp Us Out – How to Promote Yelp In Your Dealership

By Kayla Henricks - Reputation Management Specialist

What is your dealership doing in store to drive traffic and attention to your Yelp listing? There are many ways to ensure your customers know that your dealership has an active presence on Yelp and to encourage them to share their feedback.

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responsive and adaptive dealer websites
August 15, 2014

Is Responsive or Adaptive the Answer? Or Are You Asking the Right Question?

By John Loschky - Senior Mobile Product Manager

The buzzwords are plentiful when discussing mobile optimization. We’ve heard them all. Adaptive and Responsive typically generate more of the noise. Have you stopped to consider what they actually mean? More importantly, how do they influence the experiences that we create for our customers?

So, what are the fundamental differences between these debated design patterns?

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What the Buzz is Closed-Loop Analysis
August 14, 2014

What the Buzz is Closed Loop Analysis?

By Dave Hollander - Sr. Marketing and Communications Manager & Freelance Digital Demystification Delegate

Tired of listening to the marketing mumbo jumbo that everyone loves to use but hates to explain? Sometimes ya just gotta say, “What the Buzz?” Let’s debuzz digital, break down the chatter that matters and expand our digital dictionaries… all in seven sentences or less. Today’s buzzword is closed loop analysis. We’ve asked one of our resident Digital Demystification Delegates to explain what it is and why dealers should care.

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new google algorithim
August 7, 2014

The Google Pigeon Update: What Your Dealership Needs to Know

By Colleen Harris - Search Engine Optimization Specialist

In the ever changing land of Google search, they’ve shaken up the rankings again, but this time with a focus on the local search listings. Nicknamed the “Pigeon update” by Search Engine Land, the bulk of the change isn’t one the searcher sees. Cobalt SEO Specialist Colleen Harris breaks it all down.

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dealership websites
August 5, 2014

The 5 Ways to An Auto Shopper’s Heart

It’s true. The classic shopping funnel no longer exists. Ever-evolving technology and a deluge of devices have forever changed the way customers shop, and the automotive industry is no exception. So Jumpstart conducted extensive user surveys to get a better understanding of what in-market auto shoppers are looking for and how dealers can reach them. These are the top 5 takeaways from our findings that dealers should know.

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