October 27, 2014

How to Use an Incremental Sales Tracker to Become Master of Your Domain

By Jason Jewert - CDK Global Performance Improvement Consultant

Many of the dealers I work with suffer from a similar urge when it comes to managing their dealership marketing budget. Their impulse is to move money around, cut spending or even change vendors— sometimes on little more than an urge. I admit, sometimes it can be a tough itch to ignore. How many of you are using a bot or a spreadsheet and looking at analytics from multiple vendors who all want credit for every sale you make? It can get frustrating. But before you resort to any drastic measures, there’s a way you can become master of your dealership domain and lord of your marketing manor.

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Automotive Moneyball Webinar Q&A
October 23, 2014

Webinar Follow Up – Even More of Your Questions Answered!

Thanks for attending our webinar, The Dealership Metrics that Win Championships. At the end of the presentation we got into a great Q&A session. You submitted over 120 questions! We were excited and grateful to have so many questions, but we didn’t have time to answer them all. So we’ve tried to tackle some of the questions we didn’t get to.

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modern female car shopper
October 21, 2014

What Women Want: Reaching The Modern Female Car Buyer

By Marissa Dogeagle Smith, CDK Digital Account Advocate

A woman’s vehicle path to purchase needs may be prioritized differently than a man’s, and in order to sell to women, stores can benefit by understanding and caring about what women want when it comes to cars. They should ask Mel Gibson (about what women want…)

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October 15, 2014

How to Get the Most Out of Your Dealership’s Website

By Christy Roman - Now Marketplace, Owner

I heard a story about a prospect who came into a dealership and was asking about the television ad they had seen. It was a GM “Sign and Drive” campaign with no money out of pocket. After investigating the situation a bit more, the salesperson determined that the campaign was for their competitor in another part of town. When the salesperson went to the competitor’s website, the offer was nowhere to be found and the dealer wasn’t even highlighting any special! It was an interesting look at how dealers (and even vendors) view their websites – as a place to showcase their inventory, rather than the most important ad for their business.

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increase in organic search
October 9, 2014

‘Tis The Season For Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Turkey Dinners And Declining Organic Search Traffic

Using a combination of smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, consumers are online more than ever before. You count on the last quarter of the year and holiday seasons to bring good tidings and high organic search traffic. So why are we saying to expect a decline? Data doesn’t lie.

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Fall of Vehicle Sales Profits
September 22, 2014

The Effect of Digital Marketing on Your Dealership, Part II

By Joe Tarell- Performance Improvement Consultant

When the Internet caught hold in the 90’s, consumers became more educated about what they should pay for a new car. Subsequently, many dealers adopted new tactics (like adding more services and accessories) and refined old ones to help sustain their profit margins. Today, the Internet continues to erode these areas even more and according to NADA, new car sales profits keep declining. So what’s a dealer to do?

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